Ironton #45 Inspection 03/03/2018


After a week off, we are back on the inspection schedule in the 4th Division on Saturday at Ironton #45.
The Commandery will open in short form at 2:00 PM with the Order of the Temple to follow, then the Full Form Opening followed by the banquet.
The inspecting officer is SK Robert T. Davis, KCT, Division Commander of the 10th Division.  SK Bob and Lady Julie have been frequent visitors to the 4th Division over the years.  We look forward to having them back with us on Saturday.
The forecast looks good with a mix of sun and clouds and a high of 51 and just a 10% chance of rain according to the Weather Channel.
Join us and the Sir Knights and Ladies of Ironton Commandery on Saturday and note that we are back to our traditional starting time of 2:00 PM.
The 4th Division Staff