Holy Land Pilgrimage Info from SK Duane Kemerley


IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE 2021 for Sir Knights, their Ladies, friends, and guests is open to anyone.  Each person is responsible for their own fees and expenses related to the pilgrimage.  This pilgrimage is an 11 day program that covers as much ground as possible in the touring days (we average 5 – 7 miles of walking many days, often uphill or up steps and on uneven surfaces).

The IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE is scheduled in mid-November on each odd numbered year.  Tentative dates for 2021 – November 8 – 18, 2021.

Please access the Knights Templar Holy Land Pilgrimage web site (available through the Grand Encampment site (http://www.knightstemplar.org ) for further information on deposits, itinerary, and registration forms.