Update from The Staff – 02/06/2019


Sir Knights and Ladies:
We’ll gather at Ohio Valley No. 24 in Middleport on Saturday for the next 4th Division Inspection. It’s an EARLY START with the Full Form Opening to begin at 1:00 PM. Sir Knights, we can use help with the Lines in the FFO.
SK Dale Olson, our EGSW, will be the Inspecting Officer; come out and welcome SK Dale and Lady Diana, from the 3rd Division. Dale and Diana joined us on the train trip to Washington last Easter and have made many friends in our Division.
SK Gary Coleman, EC, and the officers of Ohio Valley 24 have been working diligently to prepare, so let’s have a good turnout to show our support. Though our DDC, SK Larry Byer, will not be able to attend, Lady Lisa may be there for a short time. Keep them in your prayers, along with SK Tom Ramsay and Lady Linda Russell, who underwent shoulder surgery yesterday. We received this update from Lady Carol Ramsay regarding SK Tom:
Dear Friends,     As most of you know by now, Tom has been in the hospital since Monday, January 28th.  He became sick on the Saturday before, no fever but his knee that he had replaced 2 months ago begin to swell and his leg started getting red.  Our family doctor sent him right to the Emergency Room and had special doctors waiting.  Between Saturday and Sunday he slept 21 hours out of every 24.  They immediately admitted him and diagnosed he had severe infection in his whole blood system.  It’s called septic. Last Thursday night the surgeon opened his knee wound completely up so they could check for any infection.  They took severalcultures and found the infection was not from his past knee surgery.  It has affected his kidneys.  They still have not found the source of the infection.  He has filled up with 31 pounds of fluid and this has affected his breathing.  He has to sleep in a chair.  Tomorrow is day 10 in the hospital and he is truly more than ready to come home but they have to get rid of some of the fluid pressure.  I had outpatient surgery on my hand the day after he went into the hospital but it’s doing okay and I hope to get allthe stitches out tomorrow.  We’ll surely miss being with our friends but it will be quite a while before we can travel again.  Please keep us in your prayers.    Fondly, Carol Ramsay
The 4th Division Staff