Update from The Staff – Tom Ramsay – 03/21/2019


To our 4th Division Sir Knights, Ladies and Friends: (Received from Lady Carol)…
Good Morning,  Just a note to let you know that Tom is back in the hospital.  His knee is healing slowly and since it has split open from movement, they are going to have to do a skin graft. It is still draining but it is doing better.  This whole ordeal has affected hi kidneys and he now has a bacteria in his intestines.  He has no appetite, and is losing an average of 1 pound a day, so they’ve taken him off all antibiotics and pumping him full of liquid to flush his system.  He is rather depressed as he is one that needs to be doing something and at this time he is worn out barely walking 6-8 feet.  Thanks for all the prayers.  Carol