Update from The Staff – 04/09/2019


Sir Knights and Ladies,
The honor of this week’s inspection in the 4th Division goes to Lancaster No. 2.
The Order of the Temple will begin at 2:00 PM with the banquet to follow. SK David Leytze, Eminent Grand Prelate, is the inspecting officer.  
The Sir Knights of Lancaster No. 2 are among the most generous in our Division when it comes to helping other Commanderies, whether it is assisting with the lines at Inspections, honor guards at funeral services, or supporting our CTA at schools of instruction.  Come out on Saturday and support SK David Van Gundy, the Eminent Commander of Lancaster No. 2, and all of the officers and Sir Knights of this venerable Commandery.
We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday for our final inspection before Easter.
The 4th Division Staff